Take back your time.

DLVR-e is a food delivery service for mall employees.

Right now, retail employees spend a significant amount of the break just getting to the food court and ordering their food.

With DLVR-e, food is delivered to mall employees from the food court with no line-up and no waiting.

Now, mall employees can enjoy the lunch they want without losing any of their valuable time.

We are now partnered with Cambridge Centre Mall to deliver food safely to you.

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Without all of you amazing people submitting your testimonials and using our platform before the pandemic, we would have never made it to this point.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

The DLVR-e Team

Here's how it works:

Prepared for our new normal.

Given the world changing circumstances of COVID-19, DLVR-e has prepared action plans for our return.

Our platform will enable retail employees to remain at their stores, reducing their potential exposure while keeping crowding in food courts to a minimum.

What people are saying.

"When I'm working alone, I can still have a real lunch! I can have my food sent straight to the store."

Staff member from Trade Secrets

"Its so quick! Instead of walking all the way across the mall, I can have my coffee sent whenever is best for me."

Staff member from Spencers

"I don't have to wait in line anymore! Its such a relief knowing I can actually enjoy my only break."

Staff member from Frenzi Hair Salon